• Charlene Godfrey

Creating your own HAPPY!

Happiness, it's literally the main thing each and every one of us is aiming for!

No matter how we are attempting to do it and whether or not we are succeeding, HAPPINESS is the order of the day.

We want material things because of the way having those things will make us feel (happy) we want a certain type of partner or relationship so that we can be happy, we want specific experiences also because we want to feel happiness, constantly searching for happiness out there in our wonderfully manifested world but what happens to your happiness when these things, people and experiences aren't around or are not showing up for us as we would like?

We've been trained to look outside of ourselves for everything but what if this is to our detriment!?

I mean there are times no matter how optimistic we are when things don't quite go the way we planned and people don't behave in a way that we think they should (so annoying when that happens!) but it's just a fact of life. So what then, is that the point when we become a crumbling mess, we get angry and frustrated?

In my own experience I have had to take MY LIFE, MY HAPPINESS into my own hands and own it 100% to get the levels of HAPPINESS I desire! I mean look deep within my own self and give to myself or affirm to myself what I would have expected to get from somewhere else before. That's not to say driving a new car doesn't bring me joy because it does, or that my partner doesn't bring me happiness either because many outside things and people do and I am grateful for each and everyone of them but I know that if they were to all fall away tomorrow I would be ok. I know I can still experience joy and happiness without them. I now know that I hold the power inside of myself, that I am joy and I am happiness and love and I have an unlimited supply available to me at all times.

Creating your own HAPPY isn't about following a lifestyle you see somebody else living or pretending to be something you're not but I believe it is about being true to yourself first and foremost and then being grateful for everything you love and enjoy as much as you can even when you cannot see them or they are not currently in your experience because when you do this something magical happens. YOU begin creating your OWN HAPPY. The things and people that bring you joy come around you more often giving you even more to be grateful for. You attract even more happy moments then you could have even imagined and this becomes the norm for you. Gratitude is the key to happiness!

Believe me I have been through my fair share of bullshit, stress and misfortunes but trust me even in the aftermath of those times you can find joy, happiness and peace through appreciation and gratitude. Whether you focus on nature, the air you breathe or the smiling faces of the children around you, there is always an abundance of happiness around you, you just have to want to see it, experience it and live it.

Love, abundance and happiness.

Charlene x