Packed with high quality products to cleanse and protect your energetic aura.

    Immerse yourself in a purifiying herbal bath, within this kit you will recieve three Herbal Cleansing Bath Sachets, one Lavender Candle, Rose Petal Infused Pink Himalayan Salts, three Healing Crystals and Natural Incense. 


    Purification bathing, cleanses you from negative grime of all kinds and protects your energetic space from unwanted vibrations.

    Purifying both your body and your aura (physical & spiritual). 


    Place one or two herbal sachets and a handful of salt into your bath tub while it fills with water. Set your intention to release anything that is not of yourself and purify your aura (energetic field) before entering. Light your candle & incense, place your crystals close by and lay back and relax while you show yourself unconditional love and raise your vibration.

    Have your purifying bath once a week or once a fortnight.


    Please Note: The three healing crystals you receive may differ from the photos as we supply and pack different crystals all of the time and therefore cannot guarantee a particaular crystal.



      I’m sure you will not want to return your Purifying Bath Sachets but in any event that you do please get in touch and we'll do everything under the sun and the moon to help you. 

      You have 14 days to contact us regarding any concerns you may have.


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