Gift yourself or someone you love an Aura Kit Gift Bundle.


    In this gift bundle you will receive the Expectant Mama Calm Birth Kit worth 34.99

    AND can choose between one of the following:

    Mini Burn & Smudge kit worth £10.99 or Power of Three (White Sage Smudge Sticks) worth £12.99 or Calm & Clear Palo Santo kit worth £12.99


    Expectanat Mama Calm Birth Kits.

    With mindfulness at the heart.

    Relax, balance your energy and prepare for the most wonderful and transformational moments ever!


    Within your kit I give you the tools and guidance you need to prepare your mind and body during pregnancy, for a calm birth and therefore positive birthing experience.

    Using natural materials and widely used practices and techniques you will learn how to maintain a healthy aura and find peace of mind during pregnancy.


    Including: Lavender Relaxation Candle, 8x Incense Sticks, Himalayan bath Salts, Frankincense Essential Oil, 1x Palo Santo Stick, 3 Healing Crystals (perfectly matched for pregnancy, birth and post-natal healing) and how to guidance in Meditation, Positive Visualisation and Affirmations.

    Also included - two downloadable relaxation/meditation tracks to enjoy. 


    Please Note: The healing crystal you receive may differ from the photos. 

    This kit contains Moonstone, Rose Quartz and Malachite.


      I’m sure you will not want to return your Aura Kit but in any event that you do please get in touch and we'll do everything under the sun and the moon to help you. 

      You have 14 days to contact us regarding any concerns you may have. 


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