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Set aside some much-needed quiet time every month and focus on channeling peace, relaxation, balance and cleansing your energy.

The Aura Kit experience provides you with a healthy variety of natural materials every month including, Sage smudge sticks, natural incense, natural candles, Himalayan pink bath salts, healing crystals, relaxation tracks and quick easy to follow information and guidance in meditation, salt baths, positive visualisation, and affirmations, all for just £25 per month.




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Self-love promotes one's own well-being and that is what we are all about here at Aura.

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"Take responsibility for the energy you bring"

Author Unknown



When you are in alignment with your true self everything flows effortlessly.

Learn to let go of tension, fear and judgments.

Create a sacred space and time just for you, to be still and quiet with yourself.

Be gentle and loving towards yourself.

Meditate, breath deeply, and release all that no longer serves you.

You cannot pour from an empty cup, so show yourself self-care and self-love today.

Take care of your energy.

Cleanse, Heal, Balance

It's the Aura Kit experience

Love Charlene x


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Welcome my name is Charlene and I am the creator of Aura Kits.

My mission is to give you the tools and guidance to cleanse, heal and balance your mind, body and spirit all in one subscription box!

Using natural materials and widely used practices and techniques you will learn how to maintain a healthy aura

Everything is energy including us. 

How we maintain our energy and the vibration we're on can show up in our appearance, health, emotional and mental state, as well as our spiritual connection. Mind, body and soul.

As well as our best selling Cleanse, Heal & Balance Kit, there is the Expectant Mama Calm Birth Kit, giving you what you need to prepare your mind and body for a calm birth and therefore positive birthing experience.

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"A persons energy can tell you more about them then their own words"

Author Unknown

Learn how to quiet your mind, find peace and clear your energy of that which is no longer needed. Practicing meditation, positive visualisation and daily affirmations will make a positive impact in your life. 

If you're feeling stuck, my knowledge and guidance will give you all you need to clear and balance your energetic space in the comfort of your own home. 

Relieve stress, tension, anxiety plus many other negative emotions.


Choose from our Cleanse, Heal & Balance kit or Expectant Mama Calm Birth Kit as they come with a guidance leaflet as well as your cleansing and protection tools OR one of our smaller kits.

"A quiet mind is all you need." Buddha