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4 Key Aspects That Helped Me Create Balance Between Life, Motherhood and Business...

I'm talking from personal experience when I say I used to bury my head in the sand, hide from my problems and give to myself last.

But then while recovering from burnout I realised I had it all wrong and couldn't continue down the path I'd been travelling for so long!

I had to change the way I took care of myself, thought about myself and talked about myself.

Did you know that chronic stress is proven to increase the likelihood of aches, pains, illness and disease, as it weakens the immune system. I found this out the hard way!

Now is as good a time as any to start taking care of your entire wellbeing, not just the physical. Stop procrastinating and start today.

💥Introducing mindful practices into your daily routine, such as deep breathing and meditation will significantly decrease stress levels and anxiety, decreases heart rate, bring your body back to equilibrium, increases energy levels over time as well as brain function, plus so much more. I am a massive meditation advocate. Meditation has and continues to, help me so much.

💥Positive affirmations thought and said to yourself daily reprograms your mind from the old negative self-talk to new, relevant positive thought processes.

💥Get organised!!! I can't stress this enough but a disorganised mind, disorganised home and or workplace will definitely keep inner peace at bay.

💥Listen to your inner guidance system, your intuition and follow through. If your gut tells you not to do something or go somewhere then there's probably a good reason for it so listen. The more you listen and trust, the more you'll feel guided and in balance with your inner being.

If your ready to start your journey to Wellbeing and Balance join Aura Kits.

Our monthly subscription boxes paired with your new mindful, selflove practices will leave you feeling much more equipped and able to deal with stressful situations as they come up. Without driving yourself blindly into burnout!

P.s You got this!

Love Charlene

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