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Let's Talk Vulnerability

If you've learnt to protect yourself from a young age by hiding how you feel and not speaking your truth, it can make communication difficult for you within adult relationships.

Being able to speak your truth and be vulnerable is essential it seems in our growth as humans and connection with others.

How our relationships are shaped as adults are direct results of our past and predominantly our childhood experiences.

How we process information and emotions is largely based off of the environment we have grown up in and effect us for a lifetime but at varying degrees depending on whether these things are explored and worked through or not.

We all go through cycles in life and as psychiatrist 'Phil Stutz' puts it, "life is filled with uncertainty, pain and constant work" but how we navigate our way through these times is what matters. We all have different internal battles and they can either make us or break us. They can hold us back or allow us to create the power to propel us forward.

I feel there are two options we can take. You can let the negative thoughts rule over your life and cripple you or learn to overcome/override them in order to keep your life moving forwards in a more positive way.

Let me be vulnerable with you for a moment for all of you that also struggle with this...

I get scared sometimes and out of seemingly nowhere I will feel lost, alone and confused as to what's going on in my life. I start to question everything, every decision I've ever made and put myself down for everything I think I should already have or have achieved by now! Sometimes my faith wavers and the uncertainty of life throws me off. At times I've moved out of the flow of gratitude and into the abyss of self pity which brings nothing with it but despair.

One thing I've learnt is that shit happens, shit's gonna come up and knock you off your game sometimes, test you and trigger you but it's in using the power of your mind with the positive tools you learn along the way that will keep you moving forward in life for your highest and greatest good. You have a choice, you can absolutely choose to stay the same but many of us will just find it way too uncomfortable to do so and so will seek to free ourselves from the pain. It's an onward lifelong process but in the showing up you will carve out a meaningful life filled with moments of happiness, growth and enjoy inner-peace.

Moral of the story, reach out and talk to someone if you need to. Being vulnerable within a safe space is so important for all of us. I know it can be scary but you've got this!

Love and Light


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