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A message from the Guides

When you heighten your vibration you open yourself up to a whole range of possibilities and blessings in life that you would not otherwise receive or experience.

Opening yourself up to greatness, joy and abundance is and always has been your birthright. You should not allow anyone to dim your light or tell you you are not worthy of anything, as you are all powerful creators on your own individual life paths discovering new ideas, experiences, and possibilities while hopefully carrying out your life purpose and destiny.

You are an infinite being having a human experience, something the human mind struggles to comprehend, with various distractions keeping you from knowing your true worth and capabilities.

Looking within is ever so important now more than ever to raise your level of consciousness where it needs to be for you to live a creative and abundant life, as well as raise the collective consciousness.

Due to the current world script the whole of humanity is creating at a quicker rate, realising manifestations faster and faster to keep up with the changes and challenges you have been faced with. What are you creating?

Stop telling yourself or others that you cannot do or achieve anything because this is the biggest lie of all. You are more then capable of realising even your most wildest dreams if you would only allow yourselves to live your lives with focused

intent and direct your powerful minds from your true source self.

Why some humans treat each other so bad is because quite simply they are vibrating so far from where they should be and not living through their authentic self. Blindly walking through life like this can be detrimental to your experience, growth and elevation and so to live fully in your abundance you will need to leave the old paradigm behind and start a whole new way of life and script on your own terms, vibrating from a place of love and gratitude. This can be done once your spiritual practices rise to the top of your daily priorities, allowing you to live an authentic life filled with peace, abundance, and freedom inside and out.

Never be disheartened as you hold the power and the key, go within so you won't ever go without! Ask and it is given, with pure intentions joy must follow.

The Guides

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