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All up in my Feels!

What do you do when you're all up in your feels? You know when life gets all sticky and crappy things occur that no matter what you do, you just can't ignore.

When all the positive thinking in the world doesn't seem to be working and in actual fact you can't even favar up the energy to even think, act or speak positively!

First of all know that we ALL have these moments/days/weeks, none of us are exempt from some shit happening occasionally. It's this sweet life we've all come to experience. It's the duality world we live in, the contrast of all the good we can and do experience. But how should we really be reacting to this uncomfortable experience?

It's so easy to attempt to sweep our feelings under the carpet and carry on but when we do this we still feel our feelings, they are just mildly covered up and this my friend is a dangerous road to travel.

When we do this we allow a bubble of negative emotion to grow and grow until POP it manifests into something way bigger that we could have just avoided.

I have learnt over the years that it is actually ok to feel shit sometimes, as long as you don't allow yourself to get swallowed up by the situation... what I mean by this is is don't ignore it, sit with it for a while, ask yourself why this situation or experience has occurred? Feel the feelings it has brought forward and ask yourself why it is making you feel this way? When you do this something magical happens. You start to see things in a new light, you begin to realise things about yourself you never even knew before. Growth occurs and solutions are born from what before looked like hell. You begin to shoot off rockets of desire, for a new and improved experience that will serve you much better and with this comes peace. With this comes a glimmer of light that in turn brings you a new and improved vibrational stand point. Your emotions if you pay attention, improve and even if the situation hasn't changed a great deal in that moment you actually feel better.

How is it that you can go from one extreme of negative feelings to a greatly improved positive feeling from not running away or covering them up but facing them head on?

This is why I believe and I am always banging on about sitting in the silence with yourself because amazing things happen when you do regardless of the current circumstances of your life. A healing takes place on a deep level that cannot be taken for granted. We are magnificent beings and I think we allow ourselves to suffer for much longer periods of time then is necessary.

It's like self sabotage, we continue leading ourselves down this negative spiral because why... we think we cannot heal or feel better or is it that we believe that we do not deserve to?

The way you speak to yourself on a daily basis is paramount in creating your core beliefs and if you have been talking shit to yourself in a negative way for a while now, the chances are you will find it harder to turn your emotions around into more positive ones but this is why I encourage you to start today with your self-love practices. Start today to write down positive affirmations you can read to yourself everyday until your beliefs about yourself and your worth change for the better. This will greatly improve the way you deal with the situations you don't appreciate in the future because you will KNOW how amazing, loved, worthy and powerful YOU ARE. You won't be rocked that easily anymore and even when shit gets really tough you will be much more gentle with yourself and not so judgemental.

Start today, even if everything couldn't be going any better to sit with yourself, create a sacred space and be calm, relaxed and centred. You never know what revelation will surface but at the very least (and it's a biggie trust me) you will find true alignment with self and that is where inner peace lives.

Love and light

Charlene x

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