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Children and the Laws of the Universe

When we bring our children into the world we know that we hold the responsibility to look after these little people and teach them right from wrong but how aware are we about the teachings they will bring us and the importance of sharing with them the laws of the universe?

I have immense gratitude for the growth I have experienced as a result of becoming a parent. My three children, so far have taught me a huge amount about myself individually and constantly act as a reminder as to how I must act under pressure when things don't look like they're going my way or I'm allowing myself to become overwhelmed! Now I am fully aware to the law of attraction, that thoughts become things so to speak and that every thought and emotion is merely vibration. I understand with this being so, I am able to control my thoughts, manage my emotions and show up as the best version of myself in any given moment.

When you experience stress and frustration I can tell you that one of two things is going to happen. Firstly as everything is energy/vibration if I'm in a bad mood at least one of my children are going to match me on this level and behave in a way that serves as a sign, a reminder or siren that the energy I am bringing forward in that moment isn't serving me well, is affecting those around me and I need to turn this around! The second thing that will occur if you don't have a household of crying, cheeky children is you will find their energy will become very playful, lighthearted and will attempt to get you to play with them or make you laugh. Now you won't usually feel like it initially but look at what you are being shown and given... You may not be in the 'mood' to play, sing or jump around but you should be. Your children serve as great teachers to show you how to lighten up, stop taking everything and everyone so seriously and that this thing called life is nothing more than just an experience. "We are souls living the human experience"

Children will tend to come over and offer you some emotional support when you're not at your strongest emotionally or have things playing on your mind. Just watch your children and the way they behave around adults when the energy of the adults is low! I believe them to be some of the greatest teachers. They teach us how to maintain a lighter energy making life just that little bit simpler. Even though as humans we forget most of our 'knowledge' we come with, giving us the ability to experience and grow as we were meant to do, but as parents we must equip them with the kind of knowledge that will serve them well along there way long after they've left home.

The laws of the universe are final, it is done and no one is exempt. Regardless of our desires, unless we give to others, treating everyone the way we wish to be treated and match the vibration/energy of the thing, circumstance or person we want then we can never receive these things. This is a lesson I believe must be taught to our children. Responsibility for our behaviour at all times and that of karmic energy is a great place to start with younger children as their minds are like sponges. They are learning at magnificent speeds and often as you start to have these conversations with your children you will find they have a lot of questions or even input to add to the teachings you are giving.

Teaching our children to quiet their minds, find inner peace, belief in themselves, love themselves unconditionally, ground and protect their energy and to be responsible for their actions, thoughts and words is a really great stepping stone into the laws of the universe. Karmic law is so. It stands not to punish but to allow us to feel compassionately for those less fortunate or for those in situations we would not appreciate. It also gives us the opportunity to forgive ourselves and others and to release what no longer serves us and to heal old wounds that without healing will recur again and again.

These tools I believe will set our children up to have a much deeper understanding of the universe we live in and although there are many laws I have not mentioned in this post (as we'd be here all day) starting off with laws of Manifestation, Karma and Harmony is a great starting point. Show them they are co-creators with the universe and that although they are on their own individual soul journey, living a conscious life will bring so much peace and balance to their lives and the world.

Teach them to decide which disharmonious behavior they want to eliminate, to use the power of their minds to achieve and that we all have free will regardless of the circumstance.

I hope you enjoyed this week's post. Hop over to my website for more insights and get yourself one of my ready prepared boxes of mindfulness 'Aura Kits' at

All Shares and Likes are appreciated. Thank You

Charlene x

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