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Finding Yourself in the Silence

The concept of finding yourself is a funny one! I've found out myself during my own journey that I never had to FIND MYSELF at all - just REMEMBER.

What it really boils down to is that we all have to learn to sit still long enough and not identify with all of the thought streams that run through our minds. We must not engage with them to allow us to FEEL the INNER PEACE and ABUNDANCE which IS who we really are! Pure conscious energy. All one with each other and source.

It's from here that we experience bliss and all of the problems that we think we have disappear. These problems we tend to consume ourselves with are just thought forms of the mind, but when you only identify with your true self you realise that these problems are nothing but illusions that we give power to with our attention!

I want for each and every one of you to know that you are NOT and have never been separate from your TRUE SELF - who you really are!

When you entered this world as a baby you only forgot, you signed up for the experience of life and all it had to offer but got side-tracked with all of the programming you were subjected to. There have been so many distractions throughout our lives that have kept us from being comfortable with being in the silence and knowing our power and who we are.

You always have been and always will be infinite source energy. You only need to practice stillness to see yourself for what you are. No judgements, no fear, no anxiety, no things to do, no problems, just you, wonderful, beautiful, ever abundant YOU.

I guess in all fairness even though I have said this many times before there isn't even a connection needed to be made because we are always 'connected', it's more of a necessity to become disconnected from the distractions of life enough to FEEL and KNOW truth.

Love & Light

Charlene x

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