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Healing your inner child

Have you ever associated the pain you may be feeling and carrying around with you, with inner child trauma?

Did you experience something during your early years that is causing you to experience pain during adulthood, feelings of sadness or unworthiness? You may not even have any actual memories of the events as they could have been buried by your subconscious to protect you.

I became aware that I have preferred to spend time alone and have done so for many years, because when I was alone I didn't have to fight to be heard, loved or cared for.

Alone I was at peace, able to just be me without judgement! I have lacked in confidence and felt insecure and this has been my experience during the majority of my life. This is until I learnt to love myself, a journey I am still on!

How sad that a child must find ways like this and adapt because the adults around him/her cannot see that this innocent child just wants to be loved and listened to. Instead they must run and hide, scream or cry. Told they're mad, or too emotional. As a result they become hard on the outside to protect themselves from everyone they've come into contact with, still not speaking their truths as they've dimmed their light to accommodate others. Desperately wanting to be held and loved unconditionally, the way they love others. Now an adult, holding a broken inner child within, still scared, hurt, unheard and bleeding from the lack of affection.

I ask the question, can you love a child too much? Can you give a child too much affection? In my opinion no, absolutely not but I do believe you can under love, under listen, under hear, under care, and easily isolate a child. Once your light has been dimmed do you think it can be reignited? Really, to it's full potential? I'm not sure yet but what I do know is I never want any child to feel this way ever. I never want them to struggle through adulthood because they have been taught that their words, thoughts, opinions and even their presence is not important to the people around them. That no matter how bright they shine their light they will be undervalued and dismissed.

As I grow through life, uncovering new levels and healing unhealed layers of myself I realise more and more each day that those around you, young and old serve as a reflection of the parts of us we have hidden away, much of which come from our childhood!

Those close to you that are able to press your buttons so to speak, and trigger emotions in you that others have never even seen, it is those people that within the darkness are actually shining a light on the parts of you that need your attention and are calling out for healing, so you can flourish in this life and prosper.

We all seek happiness but without doing the internal work that is necessary and yet painful for your growth and ascension can you ever really BE HAPPY, or will you just experience fleeting moments of happiness brought to you by external sources.

Healing is an important part of each one of our journeys because when we learn to look at our behavioral patterns and love and honor ourselves we can move forward abundantly and make room for more blessings to come our way. When we stay ignorant and unwilling to be truthful with ourselves we become stuck, stagnant in growth, angry and resentful. Replaying the same situations time and time again!

If you believe you have unhealed traumas from your childhood or even adulthood, I would encourage you to start today to look deep within yourself and start the healing process. Whether with professional support such as a counselor, spiritual guide, or by yourself it will always serve you well to heal the unhealed parts of you, and grow through whatever it is that has troubled you in the past.

Remember it is likely you are completely unaware of why you behave in some of the ways you do, so self reflection and evaluation will be necessary.

Be your own hero and love yourself from the inside out. It starts with acknowledgment and ends with forgiveness.

It is my wish for everyone carrying around any form of pain to start the healing process today so they can live their best life yet and experience peace, happiness and joy.

Love and Light

Charlene x

Ps, You can start your journey of self-love today with Aura Kits

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