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Mindfulness in Pregnancy

If there's ever been a time to practice being still, center your mind and find inner peace it's while being pregnant! Over the last ten years I've been blessed with three children and as I have grown my knowledge and my spiritual connection, I have practiced mindfulness during pregnancy more and more with every child. As a trained birth and postnatal Doula I understand the physiological effects of pregnancy on our bodies and how we can ease and re-direct our focus for added comfort etc at a time when, worry, stress, aches and pain can be a regular experience. But when we look at things from a spiritual, connected viewpoint we can really start to let go of what can hold us hostage in fear during a very special time.

While a child grows inside of you we tend to worry about the birth mainly (if everything else is well) and our unborn baby's health once they're here but if we just learnt to connect with our bodies, our babies and our femininity and realise the power that we possess it would make for a much more pleasurable time!

I found personally that, daily meditation, positive pregnancy and birth affirmations and visualisations, really brought me back to earth so to speak and grounded me in the knowledge that all is well and I am strong enough and capable enough to not only carry a child but give birth in the best way possible for me and my baby.

Creating a safe and or comfortable space in your home that you retreat to once or twice a day can really bring balance into your life and mind while your hormones rage and sore! Quieting your mind and listening to relaxation music brings immense peace to your entire being including the babies. When you are at peace so is your baby. There have been countless reports on how our emotional state during pregnancy affects a fetus in the womb right through into adulthood. If we just concentrate on the birth alone though, then concentrating on peace, ease and mindfulness, along with setting your conscious intentions of the outcome you desire will work in both your favours!

I believe that connecting with your femininity, your strength and your power brings you into alignment with who you really are. You were made to and chosen to carry on the circle of life and your mind and body possess all that is needed to carry out this process. When we think about the powers of our mind that many of us used to actually get pregnant by manifesting the pregnancy itself, why can we not find peace and manifest the birth we want? or the outcomes we want? I think we can, with practice. Get comfortable, light a candle and an incense and remember just how amazing you are.

Writing down my intentions and desires was very helpful as daily affirmations. Short 10-15 minute meditations (even if I fell asleep) brought me, relaxation and alignment and soothing baths along with visualisation helped to really make right whatever irrational fears I may have otherwise had. While not everyone will be understanding and supportive of your new routine (I mean it's selfish really, isn't it!) stay focused with a clear mind in what you are wanting to achieve/experience. You will begin to look forward to your meditations and have a clear free mind instead of carrying around that which is not needed and will hinder an otherwise positive experience.

Even when outcomes are not as we would have planned or chosen, remember you are stronger than you realise and it's how you act, talk and deal with any given situation that really determines the overall outcome into something you appreciate. I ask for you right now, to take 10mins out of your day/evening and connect with your breath. Breathe slow deep breaths in and out, let go of all of your thought patterns, just let them slip by and allow yourself to be at one. You are an extension of source energy, as is your unborn baby. You deserve to experience peace, as does your baby. Mindfulness in pregnancy is one way of loving yourself at a time when you are achieving so much physically and mentally, embrace it as this unconditional love is necessary for the balance of life.

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