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My Truth, My Wellbeing!

Along my journey one of the biggest things I had to learn was coming into my TRUTH!

If I'm completely honest with you it was probably one of the hardest lessons to learn and one that contributed greatly to my overall wellbeing.

I mean how many of you can relate, you put so much energy into your work, so you can pay the bills on time and keep a roof over your head. If you're lucky enough you can socialise at the weekend, maybe get away on a holiday once a year etc

You are there for your friends when they need a listening ear, you take care of your children, your partner, your nan and anyone else you can squeeze on the list but how much time do you actually spend listening to your inner guidance YOUR TRUTH and walk IN THAT TRUTH!?

You know when you know you should be doing something different or that something isn't working anymore because you just feel uncomfortable or just downright depressed but you just carry on, telling yourself that it's fine and this is just the way it is. No matter how crap you feel you make no attempt to change a thing even when that voice inside is telling you exactly what's wrong, exactly what is no longer working for you and if you are really honest with yourself what is NEEDED for you now.

Whether it was my relationship, the way I ran my household, took care of my three children, was going about pursuing my business dreams or the way I allowed other peoples treatment towards me to affect me, there was a point where I needed to GET REAL.

To get real with myself to the highest degree and for my highest good. To step into my truth regardless of any old conditioning, belief systems or what anybody else was going to think of me.

I took back control over my life the minute I began to sit with myself in complete truth and honesty and know I was worthy of everything I desired and I began to really take care of my wellbeing when I did this.

How could I of possibly attempted to take care of my welling any other way while ignoring my truths.

Walking in my truth was and still is one of the most freeing experiences ever, just as much as taking care of my wellbeing is one of the most important things I do. I am the writer of my story and I am divinely guided at all times. The fear that I used to carry when it came to me being true to myself and the fear that many people carry when it comes to this is nothing but your mind trying to protect you but from what and at what cost?

We all must get to a point when our wellbeing takes precedence over everything and I believe this starts with us being true to ourselves. When we do this, we can then truly "LIVE OUR BEST LIVES" and be the "VERY BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES" (well at least more often).

If you are ready to start your journey of holistic wellbeing, walk in your truth and take care of your energy then get you an Aura kit and start to really reconnect with yourself!

All my love

Charlene Godfrey

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