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The Importance of Finding Inner Peace

As a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, partner ( the list goes on), I have really struggled over the years to balance my energy at times to relieve myself from feelings of being over-whelmed, stressed, exhausted, not worthy, angry, frustrated (this list goes on too)!

I've been on my awakened journey now for around the last 8 years and over this time of finding myself, who I am, who I was and still becoming, I have learnt that no matter what the current situation there is always an inner spirit, YOUR higher self driving you forward and trying to steer you into a place of complete peace within, which in turn creates peace in your life.

I have had an array of experiences and situations that over the years I can only thank for, as they have shaped me into the woman I am today and allowed me through my darkest and what felt like my hardest of times (simply lessons and growth) come to a place of acceptance to what life is and how to best deal with and navigate yourself through all of what life has to offer us and of course what we are ultimately creating for ourselves through our believe systems!

Finding inner peace and coming to an understanding of how to attain inner peace is one of the best things I've achieved so far on this spiritual journey of mine. Knowing that concentrating on the life force energy of my breathing, remembering all that I am grateful for in any given moment, day or night ( there's no set rules to this) and appreciating all that I am, everything I have achieved and I'm becoming brings me an abundance of inner peace and the KNOWING that 'all is well' shifts my vibration to an all high which radiates on every level - mind,body and soul.

The importance of finding or experiencing inner peace I believe brings you away from a place of self torture, self indulgence and pain, (no ones exempt) and this peace can be found in the form of many simple things and experiences.

Spending quiet time alone on a regular basis, I would say daily, allows you to align yourself and give yourself the peace you deserve. Mindful meditation, positive affirmations, feel good music, creative arts, yoga and even gentle exercise will clear your mind to an extent from excessive worrying, judgement of yourself or others, depression, anger or frustration.

Concentrating on your breathing in a calm environment has massively positive repercussions to your physical body. From your hormones, to the cells of your body a balance is achieved. Your mind becomes unshackled and your energy is lifted, your ability to hear or feel your inner guidance on a soul level brings you back to a place of equilibrium.

If you would like me to send you one of my Aura Kits, you will then have a variety of tools plus guidance to practice your clearing, healing and balancing of your energy and learn to find your inner peace today.

Charlene x

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