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Using Energy to Heal

When I first started understanding energy, that we are all energy and everything in the universe is energy it became very clear very quickly how powerful we all are.

We are all a part of Source energy having a human experience and therefore have the ability to bring about healing here in the physical using only our minds and positive intentions. As we are all connected energetically we tend to 'pick up' other people's vibrations and this occurs during all interactions and even just being in the vicinity of others.

Although we can go through life completely unaware of this, it will, can and does have varying effects on us as humans depending on the energy or vibration we have picked up! Personally I prefer not to go to shopping centres very often as I always come away with some problem I never came with or even experience them while I'm still out shopping. I tend to get sharp shooting pains in my head if I've picked up some unwanted energy (headaches) or other aches and pains in various parts of my body.

Now the majority of people walking around today whether at work, collage, uni or wherever might experience such a complaint but just carry on putting up with the pain or take a medication like a paracetamol. In my case and in the case of the many who do work with and use their energy wisely, a very straight forward release and replace technique, done all in the mind's eye and a grounding and protecting ritual will ease if not completely clear and remove the unwanted energy that caused the discomfort in the beginning (which is how I deal with every ache or pain unless it's clearly a physical problem.

Balance plays a massive part as well. If you are unbalanced in any particular area of your life, if you're ignoring something that you are needing to deal with, not taking care of yourself properly, not giving love to others or your Chakras are unbalanced (among other things) could very well play a part in unwanted physical complaints you or somebody you know may have.

Once you have learnt to connect with Source energy/the Universe or whatever you call it, you will see how easy it is to do for yourself. We are never alone as spiritual beings and can ask for help, assistance, guidance and healing at any time. We must come to a place of understanding we are way more than just physical beings that live then die! We are way more special and powerful than that and have all come here to carry out or achieve something for our journey and growth.

Learn how to start to clear, remove and protect your own energy with one of my Aura kits. You will feel the energy shifts when removing others vibrations from yours. Click here and get yours today.

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