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Why I Love Your Growth Game!

s I sit here in front of my laptop I am so inspired by your growth game!

I am so inspired by the way each and everyone of you are able to get up, brush yourself off time and time again and grow through everything you go through in order to become a better version of yourself.

I'm filled with love and light knowing that every time you choose YOU you are doing more good then you even know.

Now lets be real, there are times that growth feels nothing short of shit, painful and unbearable. We think everything is going well and then BAM something comes out of nowhere and smacks us straight in the face. But do you know what, as hard as it sounds especially when you're in the midst of it, this is one of the most powerful times of your life! This is when you are given the opportunity to grow through that experience and come out of the other side glowing, stronger and more wiser then before.

I think that many people underestimate the importance of these shitty times and that without them we would literally have no reason to grow, become better, look within ourselves, and achieve anything because we would all be sitting comfortably in our comfy comfort zones.

Apart from the fact we cause ourselves many unfavoured experiences through our unconscious manifestations, we also continue to repeat scenarios in our lives until we learn to grow, think and choose differently.

The words self-care and self-love are being thrown around alot these days and for various reasons they have gained popularity, I guess because now the ego has something else to play with!

The reason I am so passionate about self-care and love however though is because of what happens to a person when they are committed to their self-love and self-care game. The growth that occurs is immense, like on epic levels. Their vibration rises changing their outlook on life and how life itself responds to them. Things begin to positively happen on a mental level, a physical level AND a spiritual level.

When this rise in vibration happens mental health is improved, you feel more fluid and energised in your body and you naturally gain a stronger/clearer connection to your true inner self that guides you along the way. Growth is massively underestimated in how powerfully it can and will improve and better your life experience. While taking care of yourself comes in many shapes and forms, I believe passionately in you taking responsibility for your own self-care and learning to love yourself so deeply and from an energetic soul perspective that you no longer rely on someone else's perception of you to know your worth and the happiness that already exists right now for you.

I love your growth game because everytime you focus positively on YOU and raise your vibration you do so for the collective consciousness and that's a beautiful thing.

I also love your growth game because I am love as are you and I want for you as I want for myself.

Peace, abundance and prosperity.

Charlene x

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