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Your Energy, Your Power and Why You Should Protect it!

Our motto at Aura Kits is to CLEANSE, HEAL & BALANCE your energy.

Cleanse yourself of outside energies, low vibrations, stagnant energy and outside influences.

Heal yourself of old patterns, traumas, programming and karma.

Balance your energy, to experience inner peace, equilibrium, alignment and joy.

There can be various reasons for stagnation in life to occur. Things such as, significant changes in personality traits (negative ones), attraction of drama, arguments, violence, lack of concentration & motivation, drug and alcohol abuse, nightmares and fearful thoughts can be caused by a spiritual energy block.

These can be caused by entity attachments, hooks, and open energetic cords from destructive outside influences, as well as the choices you are making in life.

These destructive influences can be from low level entities that have attached themselves to you or the thought forms, intentions or influence of another person, also known as PSYCHIC ATTACK!

Regardless of your religion or spiritual beliefs the fact is, is that the universal laws are what they are and we are all spiritual beings, ENERGY!

We must make it of importance to not only remember that but take care of ourselves from this perspective.

Leaving ourselves open, not cleansing regularly and not protecting ourselves only makes us susceptible to attachments and negative vibrations that cause negative thoughts, emotions, behaviors and physical problems such as aches and pain in the body (imbalance).

Making beneficial decisions regarding the places you go, the people you surround yourself with and the activities you partake in will play a large part in the vibrations you open yourself up to. While we cannot always help who we are around or the places we may have to spend time, by regularly protecting your energy you will become less likely to attract unwanted energies or at least they will not be able to attach to you and cause you any unnecessary problems.

We are all powerful enough to use our intent to heal, cleanse and protect ourselves but even if you're not at this point yet, there is no need to worry because the earth is abundant with salts, fruits, herbs, oils and resins that WILL assist you in cleansing yourself and your home and protect you and your family.

REMEMBER though, there is nothing to FEAR!

First of all fear is created by the mind to protect us from certain situations like getting hurt. A majority of the time our mind will create scenarios of situations that will more then likely never occur, so worrying and being fearful is never helpful.

Secondly the law of attraction is always at work so fearful thoughts will attract fearful experiences into your life. "What you perceive, you conceive" this said there is no need to concern ourselves with negative thoughts of fear as this only creates more of the same and puts you in a negative standpoint, attracting to you more negativity.

It is paramount that it becomes second nature (if it isn't already) to raise your energy levels (your vibration) which in turn makes it very hard to attract and be affected by psychic attacks and entity attachments. There are many ways to do this, from positive thinking and affirmations, to filling your diet with fruits and vegetables, exercise, meditation, fun and enjoyable activities, using crystals and spending time out in nature to name a few.

Come into alignment with yourself today, show yourself unconditional love and experience the benefits in your now day.

Don't forget you can start today with Aura Kits

Cleanse Heal Balance

"It's the Aura Kit experience"

Love & Light


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