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Gift Guide for Supporting Pregnant Loved Ones During COVID-19

Trying to figure out the best ways to support a pregnant friend or family member is a little bit challenging right now. After all, the pandemic complicates in-person assistance. This means traditional baby showers, visits, and other social forms of support are more difficult.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t lend a hand. Aura Kits offers a look at some great gifts you can get for your loved ones and their new arrival, as well as some perfectly safe ways to help them out before and after the baby is born.

Gifts for Parents

Want to give your expecting loved ones a pick-me-up? Here are some great gifts:

● If the due date is approaching, offer to order them a delivery meal for an at-home date night before the baby arrives.

● Register them for online prenatal yoga classes or provide a gift card for virtual classes to be enjoyed postpartum.

Postpartum recovery items make for a great gift that will help your loved one know she’ll have what she needs to recover after birth.

● A super comfy maternity bra for easy access during breastfeeding.

● Small but important accessories like chargers and earbuds that have a way of getting lost -- especially when the owner is stressed out!

Gifts for Baby

These are great gifts for a little one arriving during the pandemic:

● This site makes signs reminding people not to touch new babies, which is more important now than ever.

● Baby carriers give parents more control and make strangers a little less likely to get too close.

● Here are some children’s books that will help parents explain things like masks to their little ones as they grow.

Ways to Help Out

Want to be there without literally being there? Here are some ideas:

● Offer to pick up groceries for the new parents so they can avoid exposure risk on errands.

● Schedule a time to drop off some premade meals on their porch so they can eat without cooking.

● Offer to help out with outdoor chores such as gardening, mowing grass, or clearing gutters.

The pandemic has made connecting with and caring for new parents harder, but not impossible. We hope this list has helped you come up with some ideas for how to lend a hand. Do what you can to help your loved ones out safely, and they’re sure to be grateful.

The mission of Aura Kits is to give you the tools and guidance to cleanse, heal and balance your mind, body and spirit all in one gift box! Subscribe today!

Photo Credit: Pexels

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